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Criminal Dinner Berlin

Enjoyment & thrills

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with top cuisine and a stylish atmosphere. The ARCOTEL John F serves up first-class acting, an exciting murder mystery, a hot lead and plenty of fun combined with a delicious multi-course meal. Embark on an exciting hunt for the culprits during dinner, and don’t let yourself be fooled! All performances in German.
Please note that all demonstrations are in German.


Scotland Yard’s Inspector Watson needs your help! He has to solve a terrible murder, but even Britain’s top crime fighter can’t get anywhere in this case. Help him reconstruct the scene of the crime and re-examine the evidence to find the culprit. Fun and excitement are guaranteed! The detectives who solve the case correctly will receive a small reward at the end of the investigation.


Finally! That long-awaited holiday at the spa hotel! But resolute head nurse Dolores leaves you no time for rest and relaxation. And then a resident is murdered in front of the other spa guests. Fortunately, orderly Willi Wamse once did a detective course at night school. The hair-raising investigation takes its course ... and the amateur sleuth needs your help!


We travel back to the year 1985 and find ourselves in the Louvre in Paris. Art historian Valérie LaVoyante has arranged for a festive reception. Suddenly she drops the bomb and reveals that the world-famous Mona Lisa is a fake. The guests start to ask questions: Where is the real painting and who stole it? But before those present have processed the initial shock, a body is discovered! A cold-blooded murderer is on the loose in the Louvre – but who is it? Now it’s up to you to read the clues! You can look forward to a tricky murder case in the French capital!

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EUR 69,00 per person

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