360° Meeting Rooms

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360° Meeting Rooms

Immerse yourself in our fascinating virtual 360° tour of the conference rooms at ARCOTEL John F in Berlin! Experience a detailed exploration of our unique spaces, all from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to our impressive virtual tour, you have the opportunity to discover the diversity of our conference rooms and learn more about their individual concepts. Whether you're planning an event for 18 or 100 people, our flexible room solutions perfectly adapt to your needs.

Our dedicated event team is available at any time to assist you with any questions or special requests:

Anne-Kathrin Ziemann

 +49 30 40 50 46-1967

360° Meeting Rooms

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1st floor

Meeting Room London

Variant London 48m² 

Five seating options for 18-30 people


Meeting Rooms London/New York

Variant New York 66m² 

Five seating options for 24-50 people


Variant London/New York 114m² 

Five seating options for 42-70 people


Meeting Rooms Paris/Moskau

Variant Paris 75m²

Five seating options for 24-50 people


Variant Moskau 53m²

Five seating options for 18-30 people


Variant Paris/Moskau 128m²

Five seating options for 36-100 people